Our current Sermon Series is on the Books of 1Timothy and 2 Timothy:
The Apostle Paul wrote 2nd Timothy from a dark and damp Roman cistern turned into a prison cell.
He wrote this letter during his second imprisonment just before his death.
The Roman emperor Nero had been slowly descending into madness since his ascent to the throne in AD 54, a process exacerbated by the great fire of Rome in AD 64 that burned half the city.
With the residents of Rome in an uproar, Christians became a convenient target for Nero, who used believers as scapegoats for his city’s destruction. Eusebius (Ecclesiastical History 2.25; 3.1) claims that Paul was martyred sometime during Nero’s reign (which ended in AD 68, but intense persecution began in 64). Paul was one of those caught up in this persecution and was beheaded by Roman officials soon after writing this letter, it was probably written in A.D 64-65, though some would place it as pate as 67.
Paul wrote his beloved protegee Timothy to encourage him to be a faithful minister in hard times. Paul was calling for sound and healthy godliness, understanding of God and ministry. We can learn much from this letter as our time gets harder and harder.  I’m sure we can use the same kinds of encouragement and teaching that Timothy received from the Apostle Paul.
Come and Join us! Let us learn together! Let us serve the Lord together!
Pastor Pat Stich