Staying Connected with the Missionaries we Support
The Faith Mission in Falkland
Conan Arndt, the Camp Director, at the Faith Mission in Falkland, is excited to share with us a 5 episode video series called
‘Taking Action’.  Conan sits down with Pastors and Christian Leaders to discuss different topics that are relevant and prominent in the church today!
Simply click on the Episode Title to play the video.
Episodes will be uploaded as they are made available:
Episode One: Dealing with Disappointment with Pastor Don Reeve of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Vernon, BC
Episode Two: Christians & Conspiracies with Pastor Jeff Peter of Pleasant Valley Church in Vernon, BC
Episode Three: How to Study the Bible with Kalee Braun of Grace Bible Church in Vernon, BC
Episode Four: The Intentional Family with Pastor Jerad Braun of Grace Bible Church in Vernon, BC
Episode Five: The Urgency of the Gospel with Steve Jantz from Millar College of the Bible – Sunnybrae Campus
Warren & Jacqueline McCaig
Warren and Jacqueline are serving in Santa Cruz,Bolivia at the Novo Transformational Communities and the Talita Cumi Children’s Home.
Click on the following link to hear a wonderful update from Warren, Jacqueline and their three children.