Local Area Missions and Ministries
Grace Wulff serves as Chaplain at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Grace is the founder of the New Hope for widows and widowers in Vernon. Her chaplaincy provides spiritual care to patients and their family members during a hospital stay. She also distributes some of the quilts that GBC Quilters create.
Pray for her as she continues to visit patients weekly, also pray for the larger team; those volunteers and clergy who come to visit at the hospital. Pray for those struggling with aging and mental health issues, and for all who work in the healthcare field.
Chuck Harper serves as Chaplain with the North Okanagan Community Chaplaincy, ministering to the homeless and street people. He leads the Street Church each Sunday at the Salvation Army (currently in the parking lot with many volunteers) which, provides hot meals, drinks and a gospel filled church service.  He provides spiritual ministry and counsel to this part of our community, including funeral rites for the deceased. 
GBC helps with the meal and service once a year.
Pray for Chuck and the Street Church. Pray for financial support and for wisdom and discernment in sharing the Lord’s love with those He brings across the path of these ministers.