Welcome to the Grace Bible Church website.
 As per provincial orders, our church is currently not able to hold in person services. 
We do invite you to join us online, by visiting our youtube channel.  Pastors are available to meet with your either over the phone, or in person with social distance in place.  Please call if you would like prayer!
Please visit our youtube channel by searching Grace Bible Church Vernon on youtube or, by clicking on the Staying Connected link at the top of this page.    Our church office will remain open and our pastors will be available should you require prayer or council.  Please feel free to call the church office Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm.  The office is closed on Fridays.
Welcome to the Grace Bible Church website.
Grace Bible Church first came into existence when two churches joined to become one.  It is almost unheard of that two churches would come together and make one large, unified church but, that is exactly what happened.
Over the years, the Lord God has been so good and gracious to the people of this church.  There have been many changes take place but the one constant thing, is that the word of God is preached and we never, ever waiver from it.
Are you looking for a church to call your own? We would love to welcome you here and take the time to get to know you.  Grace Bible Church (GBC) is known for being a welcoming, friendly church, where people are made to feel like one of the family.
Why not come on Sunday and give us a try!  We would love to see you.
For more information on Grace Bible Church, please do not hesitate to call our church office at 250-549-3095 or simply peruse the website….there’s lots of information here too!

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