Prayer Ministry

Grace Bible Church is committed to seeking the will of the Lord through prayer.  By Faith, we trust in His divine guidance and provision for our lives and trust that He who sits on the throne in Heaven, has our best interests at heart for us.

Living in a sinful world however, we are subject to the same illness, disease and hardships that befall the human race but, we know that through prayer we can rest in the knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ never leaves us or gives us more than we can bear.
Although we can, and do pray whenever we choose, we also provide a time of gathering for corporate prayer that focuses our thoughts on the growth of the Kingdom by way of active, exciting and relevant ministries in the church.  For these ministries to truly flourish, we need to pray about them.  Asking God to bless them and those who run them.  Asking God to open doors for us to reach those in our community, and thanking Him for the opportunities that He provides to us.
We also have a group of people that make up our prayer chain.  If you have a prayer or praise item that you would like to share, we will pass it along to the prayer chain co-ordinator and they and their team will pray for you and your situation.