Starting on September 13th …

Starting on September 13th and thereafter, we are permitted to have multiple groups of 50 people, in the church building at the same time, with certain restrictions and guidelines s in place.


We will be having a 9:00 am service and an 11:00 am service.

The 9:00 am service will be in the Sanctuary and that will then be live streamed into the Fellowship Hall.
Registration for services is essential and the following protocols need to be adhered to, as much as possible:
When you register, either by phone or by using REALM (for current attendees), you will need to choose 
which time you wish to attend.

If you choose the 9:00 am service, you will also need to choose which room, the sanctuary or the fellowship hall, you would like to be in.  


If you register for the sanctuary, you will park in the back parking lot and use the back doors to enter the building.
If you register for the Fellowship Hall, you will park in the front parking lot and use the front, Silver Star Road doors to enter the building.

If you have children that are Sunday School aged…ages pre-school up to and including grade 5, you need to register them for Sunday School as they will be in another area of the church all together.

Parents should take their children to be checked in for Sunday School PRIOR to entering the building themselves.

For parents registered to attend service in the Sanctuary, please take your children down the ramp at the back of the building, to the store front doors.  A teacher or helper will be there to greet you and check in your child.
For parents registered to attend service in the Fellowship hall, please take your children around the side of the building to the Multipurpose Hall doors.  Again, there will be someone there to check in your children and take them to Sunday School.


Parents of Nursery aged children – Please note that the nursery downstairs is closed and you will need to register to attend in the Fellowship hall, if you wish to make use of the relocated nursery in the upstairs board room.

Sunday, October 4, 2020
Thank you for joining us for another wonderful service in which, we praise the Lord God almighty!
Come, let us worship together.