Moving Forward
As we are now embarking on live streaming our Sunday services, this page will look slightly different.
We started live streaming on Sunday, July 12th.  What that mean’s to those of you that are watching from home is the following:
We are live streaming the 9:00 am service.  That means that you can see the service, as it happens, starting at 9 am.
If you don’t want to watch at 9:00 am but prefer seeing the service later in the day, you can come back to this page and will see the ‘recorded version’ of the live stream available by approximately 10:30 am.   
There are two sections below.  One will show the sermon for the current week. The other is a link that will take you to our YouTube channel and will house the entire playlist of sermons.  From there you can select any sermon, from the past, that you want to listen too and watch.
Sunday Service for Sunday, August 9th, 2020
Please note that we had a slight technical issue with the recording today.  The current file, to the right, has 25 minutes of the welcome screen, at the beginning of the recording.  You can simply use the scroll bar on the link to advance to minute 25 and then let it run as normal.  We will correct this as soon as possible.
Thank you for joining us for Sunday, August 9th.
We pray that you will be blessed by the music and the message, preached today by, Pastor Jerad Braun.

A New Link – Staying Connected with our Missionaries
We have created a new page that will hold information about the Missionaries that we, as a church, support.
Under the main heading of Staying Connected, there is a new link called Missionaries.  As information is provided from our missionaries, it will be added to the website so that you can be informed of what they are doing and how they continue to do the Lord’s work in their area or region.