Welcome to Grace Kidz Faith Based After School Care
“There was a time when every educated person, no matter how professedly unbelieving or secular, knew the actual text
from Genesis to Revelation.”   George Lindbeck author of the Nature of Doctrine
Our goal at Grace Kidz is to get your child back to that level of Biblical Literacy. Throughout the school year we work through the Bible chronologically, tying each story back to the Gospel. One of our main goals through Bible lessons is to help your child see that everything written in the Bible points to Jesus Christ. (John 1: 9-13).
Our teaching resource is The Holy Bible (NIV or ESV) and we use slides as well as online resources in our Bible lessons. Worship and Scripture memory are a regular part of our Bible lesson times.
Each day we offer a Christian camp-like atmosphere through games, crafts and a Bible lesson time. Children will learn valuable lessons from the Bible as well as other skills, including sports and music. Our facility also includes a gymnasium, classroom, small kitchen, and hiking access to the BX Creek.
Email the church office office@gbcvernon.ca for more information or to arrange for a tour of our facility.